It’s been quite a roller coaster ride, this first year as an entrepreneur

When The Career Atelier started 2018, I didn’t yet have all the pieces of the entrepreneurship puzzle solved out (well can’t say I still have – but at least some things have evolved!

I had my head full of ideas and a vision to help people get into their dream jobs but not yet much experience in marketing. So I studied all kinds of e-books and marketing guides and started learning. At the beginning, the “5 steps’ closer to your dream job – toolkit” was born and I hope the toolkit and tips have been useful for you.

Best moments have without a doubt been those of celebrating success stories and new brave career moves together! I’ve literally been JUMPING in my home office of happiness every time someone has gotten a new job!

On the other hand there have also been moments when I have felt helpless. Moments when I would have wanted to help even more but it hasn’t been possible in that situation. Long term unemployment. Layoffs. Unfair treatment of employees. Bad leadership. Economical situation.

They say it’s both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply

But that’s what has also pushed me to think about how it would be possible to help those who most need help in becoming happier and getting a new job.

The results are starting to show… 

It has come time for a new era of The Career Atelier! 

Same old – but better, more focused and even more reachable. In 5 days we are launching a set of new products, including brand new online courses.

You can already sign up as early bird and be the first to know when the course is ready!

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