Photo: Virpi Jalonen

Before the age of 30 I never imagined becoming an entrepreneur. I thought it’s not for me. I preferred a stabler, permanent job in some nice start up spirited companies like so far and felt lucky having worked already in several dream jobs.

A few years from there and 2 gorgeous kids later life took some surprising twists and me and my family landed in an adorable small town close to Barcelona. During the first year as stay-at-home-mom in Spain I realized I had been taking the flexible working life in Finland for granted… My husband’s working days were significantly longer in Spain even in an international company and in an intense project the flexibility or remote working days weren’t as obvious as we were used to. Having a good balance between your family and working life got even more important to me and I was missing that. But luckily the sun was shining!

After the first year on childcare leave I wanted to keep up my professional skills (read: needed new challenges after diaper changing and sleepless nights :D) so I started to do some volunteer work and helped some friends by reviewing their CVs. And that’s how the idea started: a flexible side job where I could combine the experience from HR, psychology and recruitment to help people improve their job applications adding along some creativity. There seemed to be a big demand for this especially in Spain and the feedback I was getting on the way was very encouraging. The more I was thinking about it, the more ideas started to flow. Few months after I already woke up in the mornings with new business plans 😀 

One day we were walking with my daughter around the lovely neighborhood of Gracia when I saw these graffitis. And my instant thoughts were: if I’m ever gonna go for this and actually have a web page, this photo has to be the topic of my first post. 

So…with these words I want to welcome you aboard to The Career Atelier. 

I promise to work from my heart, with passion for results, curiosity towards the future trends of work and doing my best finding all the super powers YOU need to get your DREAM JOB too.

Now is the moment. Create your future. 


PS. Credits for the one who painted the texts in the photo – I hope to find you and connect with you!


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