In today’s post, I will be sharing insights and career tips related to data – the hot topic all modern companies are interested in. Welcome aboard to my third post in the series of The Job Applicant’s Guide to Future Trends of Recruitment 2018!  Recapping a bit from previous posts, these are LinkedIn’s 4 top trends of recruitment that you as a job applicant should know about:

  1. Diversity
  2. New interviewing tools
  3. Data
  4. Artificial intelligence

You can find the previous posts including all career tips related to diversity and new interviewing tools from the links above.


If you haven’t yet thought about data and utilizing it in your job applications, today is the day to get started. Since there is such an enormous amount of information available and the recruiters might be receiving hundreds of applications for one job post, the usage of data analytics and automatization has become an essential part of recruitment.

Data is used as a navigator for identifying what kind of talent will be needed and places to look for it.

Together with artificial intelligence (more about A.I. in my next post!) data enables effective analyzing of information and handling bigger amounts of CVs and job applications faster which means your job application will be identified and placed among the best candidates quicker than before!

It might sound first that recruitment is losing its human touch, but actually, the aim is to do the exact opposite: by utilizing data at the early stages and filtering, the recruiters should have more time to focus on you personally at the final stages of the process and having face to face interviews.

3 Career tips related to Data

1. Have your CV available online on talent platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, Wisar and check what comes up when searching yourself with search engines. By ensuring your information is accessible, it will increase your chances of getting noticed by recruiters and headhunters.

2. SEO-proof your CV. Search engine optimization (SEO) is typically used in websites and it means optimizing the contents in a way that is getting more traffic to your page. But as a job applicant, you can use it also to get traffic to your online CV.

Make sure you have included your skills as keywords and learn the basics of search engine optimization and utilizing power words to maximize your visibility.

3. Think about data also from your career development perspective. Do you like crunching numbers? Are you good at finding important information and transforming it into visual results? The importance of data analyzing skills is growing everywhere. Maybe you could study data analytics and combine it with your existing knowledge?

If that sounds like something you might be interested, it could be a great addition to your CV and open many new doors.

Hope I was able to give you some new ideas and inspiration! And remember, if all this sounds a bit boring or overwhelming and you’d rather use your hours relaxing on the beach or sipping cava on a terrace, remember you can also take the shortcut to a data-proof super CV from The Career Atelier. I’ll get an awesome CV for you in no time!

The last post of this series will be about artificial intelligence and how does AI affect into your chances of getting towards that dream job. More exciting tips ahead next time – see you!

Ciao Ciao! Virpi

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