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  • Awesome applications

    Maximize My CV & LinkedIn & Video

    Want to get a quick review and feedback to your CV, LinkedIn profile and/ or video application from a modern career coach with a background as a professional recruiter? Just send them over and you’ll get feedback with a customized checklist including improvement ideas, do’s and don’ts as written comments.

    What you’ll get

    Practical examples, improvement ideas and latest tips.

    Do’s and don’ts regarding your …

  • Preparing for the interview

    Practice Interview

    What you’ll get

    30 min practice interview online for the exact job you are applying for.

    30 min feedback session to prepare you for the real interview.

    Personalized do’s and don’ts.

  • Finding your dream job , Finding your strengths

    Personal Career Development Plan

    What you’ll get

    2,5h of coaching online with a professional career coach

    Tools that will help you identify your strengths and build the path towards your dream job

    A list of possible future job titles selected based on your strengths

    Customized and practical step by step action plan for achieving your dream job



  • Awesome applications

    Shortcut to an awesome CV

    What you’ll get

    A modern CV in PDF format, focusing into your strengths.

    Created from a recruiter’s perspective,  with stunning design.

    2 rounds of editing before the final version.