Practice Interview


What you’ll get

30 min practice interview online for the exact job you are applying for.

30 min feedback session to prepare you for the real interview.

Personalized do’s and don’ts.


Have you ever been in a job interview and afterwards thought: “Oh I should have answered differently!” Or “Why didn’t I remember that?”  And wish you could go back there and do it all over again… well, with The Career Atelier you CAN! Whether the interview will be handled by video/ online tools or requires your physical presence, it can be practiced in advance. So next time you get invited into a job interview, let’s book a time beforehand for a rehearsal interview for that exact job!

This is how it works

  1. After the payment, you will receive a link to the booking system where you can reserve a suitable time for a 1h practise interview.
  2. Send to virpi(a) your CV with a screenshot/copy of the job description of the role into which you were invited to be interviewed.
  3. I will compare your CV to the job description with professional recruiter’s eyes and plan a practise interview with the most probable questions that your CV and experience might raise.
  4. We’ll have a 30 min Skype call and after that 30 min feedback session to go through the simulation and to prepare you for the real interview!
  5. You will get do’s and don’ts regarding your answers, body language, communication and anything related to the interview situation.
  6. When the actual interview day comes, you will walk there confident, well prepared and ready to give all you’ve got to get that job!


Virpi Jalonen, Your Personal Career Trainer



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