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If you would have asked me 25 years ago, what do you want to be when you grow up, I would have said I’d like to become a veterinarian, cosmetologist or a teacher. (actually I think that the whole question should be different – read more: Learning for life – towards the future of work)

None of those came true. But one common thing all these jobs have is the desire to help others. I wanted to become a veterinarian to help the animals. A cosmetologist to help people feel better about themselves. A teacher to share information and help others learn. 

And now looking back, my whole career has actually been linked to helping others so that obviously is something that I love doing. Instead of picking 3 professions I could have just answered that I’ll aim for anything where I can make an impact by helping others.

These themes together with the desire to help others have pushed me to think of how we could better help those who need help the most in their challenging career situations. Unemployment. Layoffs. Unequal education possibilities. Bad leadership. Burnouts. When you need a totally new direction for your career and support in getting there.

As a result, we have now launched 2 new online courses!

Both courses help you achieve your next career steps AND also offer a versatile self-development side: they are built with a pedagogical perspective to inspire and encourage to start learning new skills – not just upgrading your CV but also upgrading YOURSELF!

The Modern Job Seeker’s Toolkit is full of practical tutorials and tools to help you learn new skills while upgrading your CV and it inspires you to re-imagine your job applications to a whole new level. As a result, you’ll be able to reach your dream job fast!


“Towards new beginnings”  is specially designed for unemployment and layoff situations to offer support and renewal in challenging career moments. It includes the whole previous Modern Job Seeker’s Toolkit as one part of it, and a lot more. This course helps to overcome the shock of losing job, inspires to explore various career options including first steps towards entrepreneurship, guides to identify your strengths and helps to walk through a self-development journey towards the new career direction. 

If your company is facing layoffs, please share this course to your HR department – they might be interested to offer it as re-employment support. I have been working as HR supporting people in these tough situations and have created this course with a special human touch to offer support in best possible way.

While creating these new products, we have at the same time renewed our old product and services packages and now all the contents and valuable experience that we have gathered from +10 years of HR, recruitment and career coaching are now available through these courses in a compact, easily approachable way. The format of offering these as online courses also enables to deliver a massive amount of practical help, tools and support for you in a fast and more affordable way. 

And if you need personal career support, that has not disappeared anywhere – just let me know when you want to start! 

I hope these courses help you explore new career possibilities and open new doors for you.

Warm regards, 


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