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I’m happy to introduce The Career Atelier’s new coaching and training packages now also for business side. 

Here you can find a few examples of how I could support and inspire your company, employees or audience – and as always, everything can be customized based on your needs.

Looking forward to our cooperation!

Virpi Jalonen from The Career Atelier

LinkedIn is not just a powerful tool to get hired – it is also an excellent sales and marketing channel and generator of potential new clients for your business! You don’t want to miss that, would you?

If you are an entrepreneur who would like to both update your personal LinkedIn profile to better match your new business and also generate more leads through creating a LinkedIn company page, then this package is for you.

I’ll help you maximize the potential of your LinkedIn and ensure you get a great kick-start for launching your company page with the right strategic approach.

As a cherry on top of the cake, you will also get a matching marketing banner that you can use freely at your LinkedIn company page or anywhere you wish to! How about that? 

Here’s how it works:
  1. You can book 2 Linkedin consultation times (30 min each) from the booking system.
  2. I’ll go through your LinkedIn profile and prepare a personalized checklist and feedback for you by email.
  3. In the first video call, you can present your own business idea and needs. I’ll also hear your ideas about the banner and help with any doubts you might have related to your personal LinkedIn profile and the checklist received earlier.
  4. I’ll send the 1st draft of banner for your review and continue editing it based on your feedback.
  5. In the second video call, we go through the other checklist for creating your company page and I explain the steps for getting started. I’ll also present you 3 versions of the web banner so you can choose the one you most like as a final version that I’ll send to you as PNG file.
  6. I’ll send you all the comments and improvement ideas as an easy checklist for both Personal and Company pages that you can utilize for updating your LinkedIn to the new level!
Price: 89 € + VAT 21%.

For example:   

  • 2-4 h workshop
  • What makes a good CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Inspiration and creative applications
  • Finding your strengths
  • Personality assessments
  • Practicing interviews

Price depending on the contents and length of the workshop. Please contact and let’s have a talk!

In case your company is going through restructuring and needs to let go of some of the employees, it is so important to take care of a proper support. I have both the experience and empathy that is needed in this kind of delicate change situations and can help your employees through the career transition towards a new beginning.

This package would always be customized based on your employees’ needs and the price depends on the content. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information. I’m here to help.

Making sure that your employees feel valued in their roles is one of the key things leading to success. One effective way to increase this is having a dedicated coach for each employee. 

As a coach I can help your employees plan their career path inside the company, support them in problem situations or help them get to know themselves better and by that way also make the teams work better together. 

If your company would be interested in providing regular virtual coaching sessions for your employees, just let me know!

Are you organizing an event and looking for key speakers?

Here are a few topics that I’m passionate and would gladly share my thoughts and experience on:

  • Future trends of recruitment – both from recruiters’ and job seekers’ points of views
  • Ramp it up! HR tips for leading growth companies and startups and expanding your business internationally
  • Work-life balance and flexibility in Nordic companies
  • From just a workplace into dream job – How to transform your company as a talent magnet (leadership, wellbeing, recruitment and employer branding for HR or business owners)

Let’s get in touch and see if I could offer an interesting topic for your audience!

The key of building a dream team is in communication and interaction. 

I’m a certified facilitator of Everything DiSC tool and can help your team in the following areas: 

  • Discovering people’s styles of behavior and interaction
  • Recognizing people’s motivators and stressors
  • Detecting the challenges, threats, and possibilities related to different behavioral styles within a team
  • Learning to discuss how people can adapt their behavior in different circumstances

What is Everything Disc?

Everything DiSC describes a person’s style of interacting with others. It is the world’s most popular tool for improving interaction.

More information about DiSC from here 

The workshops are compact half-day sized and bring the knowledge into practical level with different kinds of exercises that include both individual, pair and team working.

Ask for more information and an offer!

Greetings from clients

"Working with Virpi was an absolute pleasure. Her years of experience in HR shine through her work. Her attention to detail, flexibility and insights all made a perfect combination for a seamless collaboration. I would absolutely recommend teaming up with Virpi no matter what career stage you might be at, her expert advice will be well worth it!"

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