It’s Monday 10th of December and I’m on a business trip towards my home country Finland to learn how I can coach teams to interact better by utilizing the famous Everything DiSC® tool.

Excitement is in the air. 

Under the Helsinki railway station clocks, I meet 2 sunny blond ladies Tiina Moberg & Taina Tuomikorpi with whom we are going to make some magic happen!

And with magic, I mean bringing some Scandinavian leadership and organization culture to the light with Business Landing Services by helping companies to expand their business ventures to Spain and by coaching and supporting the leaders and teams towards success and international growth. 

Our Certified Falicitator Gang! Pirkko Tavaila, Virpi Jalonen, Taina Tuomikorpi, Anne Westerholm, Tiina Moberg

Because bad communication and the lack of understanding why you and others behave in certain way cause way too much problems and misunderstandings at workplaces and life is too short to feel bad about going to work on Mondays.

You deserve to work in a dream job and team where people cherish the different personalities and behaviors we all have. With collaboration that breaks down the barriers between different kind of behavior, cultural differences and communication we all can contribute to creating better workplaces.

And along with that, creating successful business.

After intensive and super interesting training days, it’s time to return back home to Spain. Thank you Sami Jalonen and MLP for organizing this opportunity for learning, networking and becoming a certified Everything DiSC® coach so I can help in creating more dream jobs to this world.

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