Meet Nicole 

I strongly believe in the fact, that you should lead the way you want to be treated.

As a strategic coach I am listening carefully for the needs of my team, peers and customers and always strive to make a difference in each individual exchange. 

My + 30-year experience spans across various industry sectors and I have led many strategic and operational activities, but always focusing on the human factor during change and new challenges. 

I love to support others; hence I am volunteering as a Mentor for refugees and young women to help them to get their way first, into the corporate world and then supporting them up the career ladder.  Saying this, my passion for supporting others, brought me to Career Atelier and I feel very humble to support this amazing mission and help more individuals to reach their goals.

Nicole Beissler

Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Change Management Expert and Coach collaborating at Career Atelier

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